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Santos & Nascimento Advogados Criminais

Our firm brings together a team of lawyers with experience in the criminal area to better serve them. Achieve the results that the client needs and exceed your expectations is our greatest commitment.

Escritório / Advogados Criminal

Criminal Attorneys & Defense Lawyers

When it comes to criminal law cases, an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed charges.

Santos & Nascimento - Criminal Attorneys are dedicated to defending the rights of the accused and our criminal defense attorneys are committed to the presumption of innocence. Even in less serious cases, a good criminal defense attorney can make a serious impact on the outcome of the case by ensuring that the rights of the accused are protected throughout the legal process. For these and other reasons, it is vital that those accused of a crime select the most competent, experienced and effective attorney available.

If you have been accused of a crime in Sao Paulo - Brazil, please contact us today for a free consultation with an aggressive and resourceful criminal defense attorney. We will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your criminal legal matter.

Santos & Nascimento - lawyers are intimately familiar with all facets of criminal defense and may help clients with the following:

  • Work to get the charges dropped or lowered
  • Interview police, involved parties, and any possible witnesses to expose any lies or exaggerations
  • Make sure that no evidence against our client was obtained illegally
  • Conduct a thorough pre-trial investigation
  • Employ a private investigator, ballistics expert, polygraphist, or any other experts that may be able to help strengthen our client’s defense
  • Obtain expert witnesses to testify on behalf of our clients
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to make sure our clients face the minimum possible penalties

Santos & Nascimento - Criminal Attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for a client’s case.

Santos & Nascimento - Criminal Attorneys also are experienced in representing clients in other criminal matters including parole violation hearings, criminal appeals, bail reduction, and expungement.


Violent Crimes - Murder / Homicide, Assault & Battery, Domestic Violence, Terrorist Threats, Illegal Possession of Weapons, Vehicular Manslaughter, Hate Crimes, Kidnapping, etc.

Sexual Offenses – Rape, Rape Charges, Sex with a Minor, Solicitation, Sex Crimes, Internet Sex Crimes, Sexual Assault, Molestation, etc.

Property Crimes - Theft/Armed Robbery, Burglary, Home Invasion, etc.

White Collar Crime – Fraud, Embezzlement, Extortion, Computer Crimes, Racketeering, Perjury, etc.

Email – 55+11+99911 4671


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